Vision & Mission


“Becoming an Outstanding Master of Informatics Study Program in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security at the National Level in 2025 and the World Level in 2040.”


  • Organizing quality education, learning, and teaching in the fields of artificial intelligence and cyber security in accordance with national and international education standards so as to be able to produce human resources (graduates) who have noble, independent, and professional character. 
  • Encouraging and providing facilities for the academic community to carry out innovation, research, and publications in the field of high-quality informatics so that they can produce scientific contributions that are beneficial to society, either directly or indirectly.
  • Actively carry out community service and service programs based on informatics science as a form of implementation of innovation and research carried out by the academic community to answer community problems and challenges.
  • Realizing good and accountable study program management so as to form a quality and high-quality education system.
  • Collaborating with various government and private institutions that have a positive impact on the progress of study programs, institutions, and society.